OMP College Staff are the hands and feet of Christ in communities throughout Arkansas.

As a member of OMP College Staff, you will have opportunities to impact over 1,000 youth and youth adults, develop your time management and leadership skills, and make an impact on neighbors across the state.

You will...

Make memories.
"Being on College Staff allowed me to truly be myself while at camp. Whether I was making a fool out of myself playing games, shaking a neighbor's hand as they used their wheel chair ramp for the first time, leading worship for a room full of youth, or praying with and pouring into my fellow college staff members, OMP provides an environment for you to thrive in whatever area you feel called to."  
- Daniel Curry (Summer Staff 2013 & 2014)

Deepen your relationship with Jesus.
“I grew up in the church, taught by parents of two different denominations the most important commandment that crosses all denominational barriers - love God and love neighbor. But my experience of who my neighbor was changed after OMP, as I heard their stories and their struggles and came to understand systems of poverty more deeply. I realized I was connected to every other human on this earth because we are all God’s children. I also came to realize how vital it was for the Church to step outside of itself, outside our buildings and our boxes, and to break down the barriers we have constructed. After attending camp for years I became a college staff member and my passion for the ministry of changing the perspective of the Church to one who focused primarily on loving God and neighbor could no longer be contained as I accepted a call to ministry that summer. My experiences at OMP, my worldview of thinking outside the box for myself and the Church has been central to shaping my ministry for the Kingdom of God”
- Rev Kathleen McMurray (Summer Staff 2006 & 2007)

Develop lifelong friendships
"Being on OMP college staff has allowed me to meet people from all over Arkansas that I would have never met otherwise. I truly have made lifelong friends that I will cherish forever and I look forward to serving with them through OMP in the future."
- Sidney Dennis (Summer Staff 2013)

Earn a paycheck.
Working as Summer College Staff is a paid position. Additionally, your housing, travel costs and the majority of your meals will be covered.

During my summer on college staff, God challenged me through planning and executing projects, working with youth, and getting to know many neighbors. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, leading me to a greater and stronger faith in Him. Watching young people be the hands and feet of God was a beautiful and moving experience.
— Abbie Lasater, College Staff 2015