the Experience of Ozark Mission Project

our Mission

To transform lives through worship, fellowship, and hands-on mission. 

Our Vision

To be the hands and feet of Christ to our state and to create future leaders of the Universal Church.

Ozark Mission Project (OMP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mission of the Arkansas Area United Methodist Church, organized for ministry to persons in need in response to Jesus Christ's call to servant hood. We send church youth groups to camp sites and churches around Arkansas where they, in turn, engage in the surrounding communities by serving individuals and families, our neighbors, who are in need of minor construction and yard work. In addition to the physical service projects, we strive to meet social and emotional needs by spending part of our time visiting, sharing lunch and, if the neighbor so chooses, a devotional. We make no demand of race, age, income or religion in the selection of our neighbors.

In 1986, OMP began with one camp and 35 participants. Today we host 12 camps each summer, serving all four corners of Arkansas. Over 1,000 youth and young adults participate in OMP camps each summer.


At Ozark Mission Project, we lovingly use this term in reference to homeowners in need. Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves, so we put that love into action by completing these beautification and accessibility projects for our neighbors. 


On the surface, the benefit is purely physical – a wheelchair ramp, a porch repaired, a house painted, a lawn mowed. However, the impact is deep and lasting: a disabled neighbor can move around on her own; a struggling single mom has a new sense of pride in her home; a retiree can sip sweet tea on his sturdy porch.

our purpose

  • To enhance the daily lives of our neighbors and inspire hope

  • To encourage our campers to put their faith in action in their local churches and communities

  • To establish lasting friendships and memories

  • To develop leadership skills

  • To deepen faith in God

our Core Values


We intentionally position our hearts to allow Christ to be the center of our mission.


We build relationships that break down barriers of race, age, income, and religion in order to create community and a foundation for fellowship.

Hands-on Mission

We believe all people deserve a safe place that they are proud to call “home.”

Ozark Mission Project solved a challenging problem for my friend Ellen by building her a ramp that is just extraordinary. The safety features, the craftsmanship, the kindness from your fleet of workers - Ellen and I were truly impressed. It is folks like you that still give people hope!
— Brent Walker, Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas

Ozark Mission Project is a proud member of ReFrame.

ReFrame Association is a national network of nonprofit home repair organizations committed to providing occupants of substandard housing with safer, more livable shelter.