The transforming outreach of OMP is made possible by our nearly 250 volunteers each summer.

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By the end of each summer the landscape of Arkansas will be drastically altered. Freshly painted houses, new wheelchair ramps, and sturdy refurbished porches will be seen at the homes of some 500 families across the state. OMP will have made an amazing difference in the lives of hundreds of neighbors and many campers will have had life-changing experiences along the way.

The bulk of these volunteers are adult campers who accompany youth from local churches. These adults give up precious time from work and families in order to drive, mentor, befriend, encourage, and be a Christian influence upon the lives of young people.

Another important group are those that act as a member of the volunteer leadership team at each camp. These volunteers serve as cooks, tool coordinators, construction coordinators, program coordinators, camp directors, and “runners.” Ozark Mission Project could not function without the many volunteers that make personal sacrifices for the good of God’s kingdom and other people!

It’s worth the effort

Don’t ever be intimidated by the opportunity to volunteer. Just because you perceive yourself as not “good with kids” or not an accomplished carpenter don’t think that OMP can’t use you. There is always a place to do God’s work and, besides, many volunteers find that they can do more than they ever thought possible. God has an amazing way of leading to such discoveries. Won’t you consider joining us?

 To access information on volunteer paperwork or submit required forms, please click here.

All volunteers are required to complete:

  • Medical release form

  • Background check

  • Safe Sanctuaries quiz

OMP is about empowerment. We empower both students and adults to find a way to get out of their comfort zones and serve the community. We empower neighbors by bringing some level of normalcy to their lives. In the process of serving our fellow Arkansans, we’ve created the future leaders of our great state, and that is invaluable.
— Lincoln Combs, Volunteer